Custom Designed Lapel Pins & Recognition Products

Custom lapel pins, ID badge holders, ornaments, gifts, and awards featuring years and years of service

Years of service, years your organization or society has been doing great work – these are anniversaries which need to be celebrated. The year you graduated from college, the inaugural year of your association’s special event – these years are of equal importance and equally worthy of recognition. Recognize all the important years with a beautifully designed lapel pin, brooch, coin medallion, or custom ornament from Kilbourne & Kibourne.  Choose from styles that incorporate the year number imprinted into the design of the pin itself, or add a die cut hour bar, charm, or tab. (Learn more on our Hour & Year Charms, Guards, & Tabs page.) Enhance your pin with sparkling gemstones to reward contributions that go above and beyond.



Browse our selection of pins and get inspired to create a customized award... or consider a delivery-ready stock lapel pin, perfect for recognizing your people’s dedicated years of service. Or do you want something truly special? How about a custom ID Badge Holder, coin medallion or even a beautiful custom designed commemorative ornament?

Choose Kilbourne & Kilbourne as your partner in creating an outstanding recognition program and be assured of the finest in design and quality, all within your budget. From simple styles to more complex designs, we can meet your needs for any type of years-themed lapel pin. Get inspired by the looks on this page and then contact us online to request a quote, or call us at 1-800-967-0800 -- we’ll gladly provide you with samples and design sketches for your consideration, free of charge. Or you can purchase stock items online using our secure shopping cart.