Custom Designed Lapel Pins & Recognition Products

Stock and custom lapel pins, medallions and embroidered patches with an EMT theme

Emergency Medical Technicians are the dedicated first responders trained to respond to emergency medical situations, traumatic injuries, and accident scenes. Whether they are helping a frightened nine-year-old who fell off his bicycle, or rescuing victims of a multi-vehicle accident, they are calm, professional, and highly skilled, and they save lives every day. Kilbourne & Kilbourne offers multiple ways to honor, recognize, and express our gratitude to all the brave men and women who are our first line of medical defense. Whether your EMTs are selfless volunteers or full time paid professionals, Kilbourne & Kilbourne’s lapel pins are the perfect way to distinguish, recognize, and award these heroes at all levels of service.


From simple styles to more complex designs, we can meet your needs for any type of lapel pin designed to honor your EMTs. Contact us online to request a quote, or call us at 1-800-967-0800 -- we’ll gladly provide you with samples and design sketches for your consideration, free of charge. Or you can purchase stock items online using our secure shopping cart.