Custom Designed Lapel Pins & Recognition Products

Stock and custom lapel pins and embroidered patches which feature a caduceus

The caduceus was first associated with healthcare in America in the late 19th century because of its connection to the snake-entwined rod of Asclepius, the ancient Greek god of medicine, who was known for his soothing healing. Regardless of its origin, the caduceus has become an instantly recognizable icon.  Kilbourne & Kilbourne has a wide range of high quality custom and stock lapel pins that feature the caduceus, whether as a component of a logo in polished gold or silver and colorful enamel, or in a stylized version of the EMT logo, or in the shape of the caduceus itself, as with design #9001 on this page. 


Enhance your pin with sparkling gemstones to enhance the look of your award. Browse our selection of pins and get inspired to create a customized lapel pin... or consider our ever-popular stock pins or embroidered patches with the AHA logo at their center. Kilbourne & Kilbourne can create a caduceus-themed pin as unique as the organization and people you wish to celebrate.

From simple styles to more complex designs featuring caduceus motifs, we can meet your needs for any type of caduceus-themed lapel pin. Get inspired by the looks on this page and then contact us online to request a quote, or call us at 1-800-967-0800 -- we’ll gladly provide you with samples and design sketches for your consideration, free of charge. Or you can purchase stock items online using our secure shopping cart.