Custom Designed Lapel Pins & Recognition Products

Stock and custom lapel pins, lapel pin attachments, ornaments, embroidered patches, and medallions with a municipal theme

It’s not necessary to go far and wide. I mean, you can really find exciting and inspiring things within your hometown. – Daryl Hannah

Where we are from will always be a part of us. Our hometowns are not just geographical locations, they are made of the people who live and work in them. Kilbourne & Kilbourne believes it is important to honor and recognize the people who keep our towns, villages, and cities going, whether they are the brave police officers, firefighters, and EMTs who keep our communities safe, or the dedicated workers in our government offices.  We offer a wide range of high quality lapel pins designed to honor those who work so hard for your community, or to celebrate a special event or anniversary in your hometown. Enhance your pin with sparkling gemstones to recognize service that went above and beyond.


Browse our selection of pins and get inspired to create a customized award… or consider a stock police or firefighter pin. Want something truly special? How about one of our richly detailed 2-sided commemorative coin medallions with an antique finish?

From simple styles to more complex designs featuring custom art, we can meet your needs for any type of municipal-themed lapel pin. Get inspired by the looks on this page and then contact us online to request a quote, or call us at 1-800-967-0800 -- we’ll gladly provide you with samples and design sketches for your consideration, free of charge. Or you can purchase stock items online using our secure shopping cart.