Custom Designed Lapel Pins & Recognition Products

Box, bag, and card options for presenting and enhancing your custom lapel pins

Once you’ve picked out the perfect lapel pin to honor your people, take the presentation to the next level with a beautiful packaging option designed to showcase your award to the max. Kilbourne & Kilbourne offers several types of lapel pin packaging to go with the many different types of stock and custom lapel pins we sell.

If the lapel pin will also come with a certificate, we have special packaging for that -- and what’s more, we can also design the certificate if you need us to! This form of packaging is especially impressive when the lapel pin and certificate will be presented during an awards ceremony or luncheon, and looks great on display in the office.

We also have velvet deluxe boxes and plastic clear-vue boxes for lapel pins, as well as beautiful velour gift bags. And if you’d like to include a message, quote or poem with the pin you’re presenting, we offer customized gift cards, custom cards with a poly bag, and message boxes, which can also be imprinted with your logo or additional message.

You’ve taken the time to choose or custom-design lapel pins to recognize the good work your employees have done, or the many hours your volunteers have dedicated to the cause. Now choose the kind of packaging for lapel pins that makes your gift of appreciation that much more special!