Custom Designed Lapel Pins & Recognition Products

Stock embroidered stars and bars for officer, employee, and volunteer recognition

Stars and stripes forever!  Honor your officers, exemplary volunteers, or anyone who has done something special for your organization with these classic embroidered stars and bars from Kilbourne & Kilbourne.  These solid embroidered patches in bright golden yellow, red, white, and blue can stand alone or enhance existing embroidered patches from Kilbourne & Kilbourne – no matter how you choose to use them, they are guaranteed to make a statement!


These stars and bars are solid embroidery in rich primary colors, and they are the perfect way to honor the people who shine for you. Contact us online, or call us at 1-800-967-0800 – Whether you are looking to add on to an existing embroidered patch program, or are using the stars and bars as stand-alones, we can’t wait to set you up with just the embroidered stars and bars you need!